DIY – What to do with wilted rose petals?

I love when my boyfriend surprises me with flowers – it doesn’t have to be often, but on special occasions it’s always a nice gesture. Unfortunately after about a week the wilting process starts. Instead of throwing them out, I like drying or pressing my flowers. Sure this preserves the memory of the romantic gesture, but the flowers or petals can also be used for numerous craft projects.

IMG_1264 IMG_1241

Roses can be preserved either by pressing or by hang-drying. I find pressing to be better for leaves, petals, or small flowers. If the roses are thick they can rot. There are probably several ways to press and dry flowers…here are mine (they are very very simple):

How to Press

  1. You will need: heavy books and paper
  2. Remove petals or place whole rose between two pieces of paper
  3. “Smoosh” with heavy book

How to Hang-Dry

  1. Bend end of rose stem
  2. Tape bent end to desk so that rose is hanging upside down…that is all

DYI Potpourri

Rose petals retain their sweet scent for several months. I like using petals from both pressed and hang-dried roses as it gives the potpourri a nice texture. I even like adding a few leaves, and other small flowers if I have some.

If you want your potpourri to last a while, there are certain extra steps that can be taken. See instructions:

DSC_0028 DSC_0030

DIY Rose Shadow Box

Dries roses can also be used to make a Shadow Box decoration or keepsake. Combine with other flowers, souvenirs, pictures, quotes…



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